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Have you ever dreamed of having beautiful plantation shutters on the windows in your home but been put off by the price? You are certainly not alone. This however, may be about to change...

This Summer, we are planning to launch this innovative shutter product that is easy to measure, quick and easy to install, and will be available to purchase at a fraction of the cost of regular plantation shutters. Custom manufactured to size using durable and striking poly-silk vinyl, these 'Perfect Fit Shutters' will require no drilling or screwing. They will simply clip fit directly to your existing window frames without the requirement for the usual outer framing.

As these new products are secured directly to the window frame, it means your window sills are kept free. And also when opening panes are opened, the Perfect Fit Shutter moves with the opening pane, instead of having to open the traditional bulky shutter in order to open the window. The panel of the shutter is fixed in place against the window frame and does not swing open and the horizontal louvers of the shutter can be tilted to any angle - meaning you can tilt them fully closed to block out light and allow full privacy or rotate them open to allow daylight in whilst still offering a degree of sun protection and privacy. We should have these products ready to fit for August and they will be up to 60% cheaper than regular plantation shutters.

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